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The proposed HJR, if passed, would put the question of creation of an independent redistricting commission on the 2024 ballot If passed by a simple majority of the voters it would assign the responsibility for redistricting to an independent redistricting commission.Then what happens?In August of the year ending in zero, the State Ethics Commission would solicit applications from qualified electors and from those applications select at least 38 nominees reflecting the racial and geographic diversity of New Mexico, of whom not more the twelve may be from the same party. There are limitations placed upon applications from past elected officials, candidates for elected office, paid lobbyists and those involved in other political activity. Those 38 nominees will be submitted to the president pro tempore of the senate, the senate minority floor leader, the speaker of the house and house minority floor leader who may each strike up to two applicants from the pool.

The State Ethics Commission shall appoint nine commissioners from the remaining pool of applicants, striving to achieve geographic, racial and gender balance among the appointees. The appointees shall include three appointees each from the two political parties with the largest number of registered voters affiliated with the party in the state and three members who are affiliated with other political parties or who are unaffiliated voters. The chair will be a retired district court judge, appellate court judge or justice of the supreme court

The independent redistricting commission (IRC) shall develop district plans for congressional districts, state legislative districts and other districted state offices following each federal decennial census. The commission shall develop district plans in accordance with the traditional redistricting guidelines – these are detailed. The commission cannot consider partisan data or incumbent addresses.

The redistricting commission may incorporate suggested changes to its proposed district plans in accordance with public comments and testimonies it receives, but shall not subordinate the requirements of traditional redistricting principles

The commission shall file with the secretary of state the commission's approved plans for senate, house of representatives and congressional districts and other districted state offices by October 1 of each year ending in the number one. The approved plans shall determine the districts for use in the succeeding primary and general elections for the respective bodies.

Fair Districts for New Mexico:;