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3/2/21: Compromise Redistricting Bill Advances Unanimously from Senate Committee

2/28/21: Don't leave redistricting in the hands of politicians. by: Editorial Board, Santa Fe New Mexican

2/28/21: Redistricting: We've Heard From Speaker Egolf, Now Let's Hear Sen. Dede Feldman's Very Different View. by: Paul Gibson

2/27/21: Reflections on redistricting: A former senator weighs in. by: Dede Feldman

2/26/21: AAUW supports independent redistricting commission by: Lynn Heffron

2/26/21: New Mexico House speaker draws bipartisan ire over redistricting stance. by: Robert Nott

2/26/21: Dem speaker blasts independent redistricting Speaker Egolf: Legislators can draw fair boundaries. by: Dan McKay

2/18/21: Supporters of redistricting waiting for hearings in New Mexico Legislature. by: Robert Nott

2/18/21: Senate Redistricting Bills Press Conference. by: Fair Districts New Mexico

2/18/21: Supporters push for independent redistricting by: Dan McKay

2/11/21: Reforming Redistricting in New Mexico | Web Extra by: New Mexico In Focus

2/8/21: Committee OKs independent redistricting commission. by: Dan McKay

New Mexico redistricting task force calls for new process, by Walter Rubel of the Southern New Mexico Journalism Collaborative, in the Las Cruces Sun-News

1/17/21: Commission would ensure "1 person, 1 vote" by Edward Chavez, retired chief justice of the New Mexico Supreme Court, and Roderick Kennedy, retired chief judge of the New Mexico Court of Appeals, Sunday, January 17th, 2021 in the Albuquerque Journal

1/9/21: Redistricting Reform Would Empower Voters, by Chairwoman Cheryl Harris of the Adelante Progressive Caucus, Op-Ed in the Santa Fe New Mexican


Op-Ed: Redistricting process must be fair and open

11/15/20: Kathy Brook and Eileen VanWie op-ed in the Las Cruces Sun News: Redistricting process must be fair and open.

KOB4 Covers the Redistricting Task Force:

Senator Ortiz y Pino nailed it again. At yesterday's Redistricting Task Force meeting his comments about incumbency protection and how the public meetings were a sham really influenced former Supreme Court Justice Chavez. Chavez, who was the Justice who oversaw the redrawing of House maps, said he wished he had known that when he was overseeing the process. He originally thought that the public meetings were a plus for the process.
Read the article: Redistricting in New Mexico: task force, advocacy groups push for fairness. (11/9/2020)

Santa Fe New Mexican: Prepare for Redistricting - its bound to get messy.

Redistricting Task Force Will Help Make Redistricting Fair: Oped by Kathleen Burke, Project Coordinator, Fair Districts for New Mexico - August 31, 2020.

Tuesday, July 21, Redistricting in NM Zoominar featuring Dick Mason, NM League of Women Voters, Kathleen Burke, Fair Districts New Mexico, and Senators Gerry Ortiz y Pino and Mark Moores. Part of the Retake Our Democracy Zoominar Series.

NM lawmakers should set new redistricting criteria: OpEd by John House, President of RepresentUs New Mexico, published Sunday, July 5th, 2020 in the ABQ Journal.

Public should Have a Say: Letter to the Editor in the Las Cruces Sun News, April 5 2020, by Kathy Brook, Las Cruces.

The New Mexico Redistricting Process Needs Sunshine: Letter to the Editor Published in the ABQ Journal March 25, 2020, by Richard Mason, Leader of the Fair Districts for New Mexico Project.

Now is the time for redistricting reform: A letter to the editor in the Los Alamos Monitor by Barbara Calef, LWVNM VP (10/26/2019).

NM should work now to implement redistricting reform: A guest column in the Albuquerque Journal by Hannah Burling, President, LWVNM (7/30/2019).

Struggle, chaos, litigation, great cost: NM redistricting: by Gwyneth Doland of New Mexico In Depth. District 39 really does look like a howling coyote!
Doland also has a longer report: Redistricting NM 2021: a Troubled History and Opportunities for Change (PDF), and a video: Redistricting in NM Explained in 14 Minutes.